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Reasons To List In The Fall

The summer real estate buzz is over and you feel you missed the prime opportunity to put your home on the market. Summer sports, vacation, and graduation parties kept the calendar full and there was just no time to get the house ready. Not to fret! There are still many chances to find a buyer before the end of the year. In fact, you may be exactly where you want to be. Here are just some of the reasons to sell your house in the fall and ways that you will come out ahead.


#1: Buyers are More Serious

The spring and summer market is flooded with home buyers. Many of them just like the idea of moving and will sneak into an open house or have their Realtor show them homes – they have no real intention to make a move soon. Others may hold off on making offers because they have more homes to choose from and can afford to be picky. Come to the end of August and September, serious buyers will be pressured to make a decision before the holidays and bad weather hit. That’s where you will win!


#2: Less Competition

Many sellers rush to get their home to market to take advantage of the “busy” season, but the reverse logic has its perks. Inventory will be smaller in the fall because many of the homes will be sold before school starts. Smaller inventory can be used as a negotiation tool and decreases the likelihood of needing to compromise on list price.


#3: Lingering Listings

However, while fall is a perfect time to sell, there are still sellers from summer that are desperate for a sale. Since most who sell usually need to purchase another, you’ll find that homes still hanging out on the market are much more flexible in negotiations. You may find a bargain on your new home which could give you a strategic advantage in selling your current house.


#4 Different Buying Motives

Most families that jump into the spring and summer market do so because it’s a good time to sell, but it’s also personally beneficial. School is out and there are no major holidays to work around so it’s easier for them to take this approach. Millennials and empty nesters tend to come into the game a bit later in the year. Also, many employers that will be looking to relocate their staff tend to wait until the market cools down and those buyers typically need a quicker closing.


#5: Curb Appeal

Vibrant yellows, deep reds, and bronzed oranges are just a few of the rich colors that the fall season brings us. Changing leaves add a natural curb appeal that will make your house look cozy and comfortable just in time for the coming winter. When selling a home, curb appeal is a huge contributor in selling price. In just a few short months, you won’t have this factor on your side due to the snow and bare trees.


No matter how you look at it, now is a great time to sell! The last couple years have been explosive for the St. Louis real estate market. Homes have sold at an all-time high in 2018, but this trend might not last long. As interest rates begin to rise we are expected to see a slight shift.  Don’t wait!


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