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How Much House Would Your Monthly Rent Payment Buy?

So you want to buy a house? You’re renting and throwing your money away towards something that you’ll never own. There are numerous pros to renting, but their are numerous cons as well. Here is a quick guide that gives you a brief visualization of what your monthly rent would equal in a home price.

Now, no one purchase is the same and there are numerous factors that affect the home buying process and the only true way to determine your eligibility and purchase power is to talk with a partnered lender of ours and talk about your financial options. Our goal is not to just find you your new home; our goal is to educate you along the process and give you all the information needed to help you make a decision that is best for you and your family. Whether you are 6 months from buying or 2 years from buying, allow us the opportunity to show you your options and create a custom game-plan towards your next home!

10 Reasons to buy a home!

  1. Quality of life
  2. Tax Deductibility of Mortgage Interest
  3. Tax Deductibility of Property Taxes
  4. Appreciation Potential
  5. Deferred Gain & Capital Gain Treatment
  6. Once in a Lifetime Exclusion
  7. Principal Accumulation
  8. Pride in Your Home
  9. No Landlord
  10. Leverage (where else can you buy this size of an investment with 0-10% down)
  11. The Real Cost of Renting (at $700 per month with a 6% rental increase per year, you will pay $110,719 over a 10 year period)

Want more information on talking with a lender or getting pre-approved? Check out our “Finance” tab and reach out to Melisa Jones with New American Funding!

Find out your eligibility to purchase a home! 

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